Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Apple launches the IPad

So after weeks of rumours, Steve Jobs introduced the IPad to the world today. The innovation starts with multitouch. They have put over 1000 multitouch sensors in the product so it will give us a new level of multitouch experience. The back lighting system is LED, so it is crisp and colourful. You can look at the screen off angle and not lose picture quality.

We are excited to hear that it will sync with all the aps on your IPhone, works with the 140,000 Aps currently available and plans are ahead to release softwear to enable developers to create Aps specifically for the IPad.

But we are really tempted by the IBooks, which could blow Sony's Kindle out of the water. You can read a book - great- but you can also enter a title, download it and start to read it there and then!

Is it just a big IPhone without the capacity to make calls? Or will it change the way we work and use the internet? The Innovation Beehive is on the list to receive one of the first into the UK, so we will let you know!

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