Sunday, 2 August 2009

Some Tips for Creating an Innovative Employer Brand (EVP)

Lots of clients have been asking for help with Employer Branding, so we thought we would share with you The Innovation Beehive's Top Tips:


To begin to break down the silo mentality, don’t own this all in HR.
Build a working party that includes stakeholders from different functions.

Mine What You Have

Really dig deep into your Employee Opinion Survey. Seek out the sub-text of the results.
Find those parts of the business that have great scores and great
results. This should be your clue to the organisation you want
represented in your EVP

Know Who You Want to Bee

Talk to the Senior Team about the organisation’s they admire.
This will give you the clues on how to present your EVP to them and
help you understand what they believe is the secret of an organisation’s success

Bee Aspirational but not Unrealistic

It is tempting when developing an Employment Brand to come up with
something that is too far removed from the reality. It should be
aspirational but rooted in what happens day to day

Make it Hard

Find out what the competition are doing and rack and stack where you are and build
a worse case scenario if you don’t create a compelling brand. Use this to persuade the doubters that you need to ramp up your Employment Brand

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