Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Lessons from the G20 and Obama

We at The Innovation Beehive fill our projects with stimulus to help our clients come up with ideas that none of the competition are close to having. With that in mind we got to thinking about the recent G20 Leadership Summit and what lessons could be drawn about Consensus Building and Leadership from our Global Leaders.

So here are The Innovation Beehive's 7 Learnings from the G20, Brown and Obama. Do let us know what you think...

1) Paint a vivid picture of what you want to achieve - no one was in any doubt, this was about saving the world economy

2) Admit to your past mistakes - Obama was very open about the Bush administration and how he believes American lost its way

3) Allow your opposition a voice - France and Germany were very vocal, but neither Brown or Obama briefed against them

4)Do your pre-work and make sure there are no surprises - Brown circled the globe to pre-brief and get alignment before the Summit even took place

5) Quiet one on ones work best and ensure Leaders listen - when there was stalemate at the Summit, Obama would take the appropriate World Leader aside for a quiet one to one, to hear his/her concerns and assure them of the course of action

6) Build momentum and do it quickly - the event happened at whistle stop speed (well at least for Government)

7) Be Bold, but don't over promise on timescales - the thought of a nuclear free world was planted by Obama in Turkey. A very bold goal indeed, but he qualified it by saying it was unlikely to happen in his lifetime

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