Monday, 23 March 2009

HR adding value in a recession

Tomorrow, we at The Innovation Beehive, are hosting a breakfast for 18 HR Leaders. Are topic of discussion is "How HR can add value in a Recession".

Our thoughts are:

Bee Clear on who you are - go back to your Vision - do the milestones still work?
Bee Close to your Customer - monitor the changing habits of your consumer and react
Bee Distinctive - shout out, loud and proud, about why the customer should chose YOU
Bee Inclusive - keep communicating with your staff and use them to come up with solutions
Bee Creative - part time working, flexi contracts, extended holidays - all choices before redundancy
Bee Aware of Energy Zappers - ruthless cut out the cynics in your organisation
Have Your Hive in Order - know your legal stuff

We will report back with the results of the discussion.

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